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How Background Manager Works

Step 1
Your organization will direct their volunteers/employees to to apply for clearance.
Step 2
Volunteer/Employee applies for clearances through
Step 3
Your organization’s Secure Management System (SMS) will be updated for each new volunteer/employee.
Step 4
Organizations will use their SMS to manage all aspects of volunteer/employee clearances
Our application process is paperless and clearances are stored electronically.
Payment can be made by either your organization or the volunteer/employee. That is YOUR choice.
Online Access
Secure Management System (SMS) provides 24/7 online access to manage clearances.s
Customer Service has agents available to answer your questions by phone or email.

Organization Pricing

Background Manager offers you an easy solution for managing certificates and clearances for your organization.

Call Today 877-643-0047 for pricing and additional information.

Volunteer/Employee Screening For
Education Organizations.

Background Checks For
Youth Coaches & Volunteers/Employees.

provides affordable and reliable technology
to track all aspects of volunteer/employee clearances
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